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To make query you need write this line:

SearchServiceResponse result = _searchService.Read("tiger");

Or in aync way

SearchServiceResponse result = await _searchService.ReadAsync("tiger");


You can limit results in this way:

SearchServiceResponse result = await _searchService.ReadAsync("tiger", limit: 5);


SearchServiceResponse result = await _searchService.ReadAsync("tiger", filter: "(any type:/music/recording domain:/film)");


Using the start parameter makes it possible to page through limit results at a time. For example, to present 3 pages of successive 10 results, the same query may be used with limit=10 and start=0, then 1020.

  • The second ten results for the query lenny

SearchServiceResponse result = await _searchService.ReadAsync("lenny", start: 10, limit: 10, indent: true);


Supported parameters

Param Required Datatype Multiple Default Description
query yes string false   The text you want to match against freebase entities.
callback no string false   JS method name for JSONP callbacks.
domain no string true   A comma separated list of domain IDs. Search results must include these domains.
exact no boolean false false Matches only the name, and keys 'exactly'. No normalization of any kind is done at indexing and query time. The text is only broken up on space characters.
filter no string true   A filter s-expression.
format no string false   The keyword "classic" to return the same information the original search API would have
encode no boolean false false Whether or not to html escape entities' names.
indent no boolean false false Whether to indent the json.
limit no integer (≥1) false 20 Return up to this number of results.
mql_output no string false   A MQL query thats extracts entity information.
prefixed no boolean false false Whether or not to match by name prefix. (used for autosuggest)
start no integer (≥0) false 0 Allows paging through results.
type no string true   A comma seperated list of type IDs. Search results must include these types.
language no string true   The language you are searching in. Can pass multiple languages.

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