Project Description
This project aim is to make easier quering to freebase database. Creating of query is done using dynamics of .net 4.0. It can be used from c#,, etc..

You can find project on nuget:
  1. writing freebase4net in search
  2. Execute this line "Install-Package Freebase4net" in Package Manager Console
Nuget package contains Sample.cs file that contains examples of use.

**Version 0.9.1 Beta**
  • Fixed query limitation issue.

**Version 0.9.0 Beta**
  • Implemented all operators.
  • Refactored code
  • Strongly typed search service result

**Version 0.8.5 Beta**
  • Added Search Service and support of all parameters

**Version 0.8 Beta**
  • Query to all services included all allowed parameters
  • Added enums for comfortable parameters input
  • Download image to local filesstem
  • Check if entity have image

**Version 0.5 Beta**
  • Added TopicService
  • Added TextService
  • Added ImageService
  • Multiple queries in async
  • Query to MqlRead Service include two query to TextService and ImageService

**Version 0.3**
  • Make request to freebase
  • Support of "One Of Operator (|=)" and (Like Operator (~=))
  • Support of multi operators
  • Building query using dynamic object
  • Support of embedded objects in query
  • Support of async and sync requests
  • Support of bulk queries in async and sync modes
  • Bulk requests in async mode can
    • return tasks for next processing or
    • wait until all tasks are completeed, then return results

I am open to suggestions and ready to implement features that you may need. Please contact me and i will look how i can improve lib

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