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You need to make few simple steps for using this lib:

First you need to install nuget package "Install-Package Freebase4net"
Then add line to .cs file
   using Freebase4net;
After you can start using lib.

Create MqlReadService:
      MqlReadService readService = FreebaseServices.CreateMqlReadService();
Write simple query:
      dynamic artist= new ExpandoObject();
      artist.type = "/music/artist"; = FreebaseHelpers.Operators.CreateLikeOperator("^The Sco*$");
Then run query:
    var result = _readService.Read(artist);
Or in async way:
    MqlReadServiceResponse result = await _readService.ReadAsync(artist);
And process results:
    var type = result.Results[0].type;
    var resultAsString = result.ResultAsString;
    var status = result.Status;

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